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Thanks for coming to the PROM NITE!

Update (29th Dec 2009):
Get your FREE TICKET for PromNite!!! Click here!
Get your FREE TICKET for PromNite!!! Click here!

Update (21st Dec 2009):
Thanks to everyone who attended TECKTRONIK!
Thanks for your love and support!
Hope to see you again in the coming event! :)

Round 1 (click here)

RM5 Ticket Discount for the TECKTRONIK Event

Unable to contact us to purchase your RM15 pre-sale tickets?
Too busy to contact us?
Whatever the reasons are, you will still be able to purchase your ticket at the price of RM15 during the event* if you DOWNLOAD and PRINT (or SAVE** it on your handphone) a copy of the A5-sized black & white flyer below.
*(tickets are sold at RM20 during the event)

click on the flyer for a larger view
tecktronik flyer A5click on the flyer for a larger view

You are encouraged to print this flyer, photocopy (make copies) and pass among your friends.

This exact flyer has also been printed and distributed around Sabah.

~ REMINDER: You can only use this flyer during the event to get your RM5 discount off the normal price RM20.

**UPDATE: You may also save it in your handphone and MMS it to your friends too! :)

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