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Thanks for coming to the PROM NITE!

Update (29th Dec 2009):
Get your FREE TICKET for PromNite!!! Click here!
Get your FREE TICKET for PromNite!!! Click here!

Update (21st Dec 2009):
Thanks to everyone who attended TECKTRONIK!
Thanks for your love and support!
Hope to see you again in the coming event! :)

Round 1 (click here)

FSKK Tecktronik Contest – Round 2



Another FIVE (5) free tickets to be given away!
To participate, just follow the instructions below:

1) If you have not added Charlton Gomes as friend on Facebook, click HERE to add him now.add_pm
Click “Add a personal message…” >> Type in “FSKK Tecktronik”

2) Once Charlton Gomes has confirmed you as a friend, ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS and SEND THE ANSWERS to his MESSAGE INBOX (NOT wall post).


  1. What are the 3 major dance styles that FSKK is presenting in this event?
  2. What does FSKK stand for?
  3. What are the titles of the TWO (2) YouTube videos posted by Charlton Gomes on the event page?
  4. If you don't know how to shuffle, jumpstyle or dance tecktonik, can you still join this event?

    pssst...hints are on the event page. good luck! ;)

Submit your answers before Tuesday, 24th Nov 2009, 11.59pm.

The first 5 people who did ALL THE STEPS above got ALL ANSWERS correct will each win a free ticket!
**Round ONE (1) winners are NOT ALLOWED to take part in this round.
**Participants are only allowed to submit their answers ONCE!

Winners will be announced on Wednesday, 25th Nov 2009 on our event page and this blog.

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