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Thanks for coming to the PROM NITE!

Update (29th Dec 2009):
Get your FREE TICKET for PromNite!!! Click here!
Get your FREE TICKET for PromNite!!! Click here!

Update (21st Dec 2009):
Thanks to everyone who attended TECKTRONIK!
Thanks for your love and support!
Hope to see you again in the coming event! :)

Round 1 (click here)

FSKK Tecktronik Contest – Round 1



Congratulations to the winners of this round!

1. Audrey Susan Tunggolou
2. Jonathan James Edward
3. Stanlly Fredolin
4. Rousell Andre Tottu
5. Shah Rizal Roslim

Kindly send a message to my inbox (on Facebook) with your full name (same as in I/C).  We will ask you to present your I/C on the event day for verification before receiving your free ticket.

For those who did not get the chance to win FREE TICKETS, Round 2 is coming up real soon! So, watch out! :)

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