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Thanks for coming to the PROM NITE!

Update (29th Dec 2009):
Get your FREE TICKET for PromNite!!! Click here!
Get your FREE TICKET for PromNite!!! Click here!

Update (21st Dec 2009):
Thanks to everyone who attended TECKTRONIK!
Thanks for your love and support!
Hope to see you again in the coming event! :)

Round 1 (click here)

Prom Night LATEST Promotion!

  • Bring along 5 people/friends to this event and you get 1 ticket for FREE!!! (Buy 5 tickets = Get 1 FREE TICKET)
  • This promotion is until 2nd Jan 2010!
  • Ticket is LIMITED (only 100 pieces printed)
  • Hurry! As long as the tickets are still available!
  • OPEN TO PUBLIC...all are invited!

016 8379581 / 014 852 8600 (organizers) Kota Kinabalu area


Thanks for coming to TECKTRONIK!

Thanks for the love and support! You people were awesome! See y'all again at our next event!

Hope to see more Tecktonik and Jumstyle sh*tz happening! ;)


Inter-College Prom Night DATE CHANGE

Original Post here…

DATE CHANGED for the Inter-College Prom Night.
Check out the poster below for details.


It was supposed to be today (19th Dec 2009), but it is postponed to 2nd Jan 2010.

If there are anymore changes, please do check back here or visit this event’s page on Facebook.

More detailed info: CLICK HERE

RM5 Ticket Discount for the TECKTRONIK Event

Unable to contact us to purchase your RM15 pre-sale tickets?
Too busy to contact us?
Whatever the reasons are, you will still be able to purchase your ticket at the price of RM15 during the event* if you DOWNLOAD and PRINT (or SAVE** it on your handphone) a copy of the A5-sized black & white flyer below.
*(tickets are sold at RM20 during the event)

click on the flyer for a larger view
tecktronik flyer A5click on the flyer for a larger view

You are encouraged to print this flyer, photocopy (make copies) and pass among your friends.

This exact flyer has also been printed and distributed around Sabah.

~ REMINDER: You can only use this flyer during the event to get your RM5 discount off the normal price RM20.

**UPDATE: You may also save it in your handphone and MMS it to your friends too! :)

TECKTRONIK Date n Venue Confirmed!!!

Yes, you read it right.

The Date and Venue for the TECKTRONIK event is confirmed!
Check out below…

profilepic copy

19th Dec 2009 (Saturday) | 2.30PM | Razz Ma Tazz

See you there! :)

Inter-college Prom Night & Reunion Dinner

hosted by Cosmopoint College of Technology,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.


Invite 10 of your friends to attend this event..!!!

* Bring 10 FRIENDS (purchase tickets) + YOU = get ONE(1) FREE ticket!
* Promotion ends until tickets are sold out or on 19th Dec 09 (Prom Nite).
* 1st come, 1st serve.....
* Hurry up, buy now &....get it!!

UPDATE 29th Dec 2009: LATEST PROMOTION click here


…until further notice.

profilepic copy

The Organizers will announce new dates. Wait for official announcements.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Thank you.

P/S: Tickets are still available for sale. Those who bought tickets earlier, your tickets are still useable.

FSKK Tecktronik Contest – Round 2 (Results)

contest round 2 results


The answers for the questions given are:

  1. Hardstyle Shuffle or Hardstyle or Shuffle
    Tecktonik dance
  2. Future Sound Kota Kinabalu
  3. Q-BASE 2009 - Official After Movie
    Defqon.1 Australia 2009 - Official After Video
  4. Yes

Congratulations to the winners of Round 2!

  • Eyedyr Xydro
  • Christianus Francis Lojuki
  • Aldric Colin
  • Raffae Kiyoshi Daigo
  • Melvin Funk

Kindly send a message to my inbox (on Facebook) with your full name (same as in I/C).  We will ask you to present your I/C on the event day for verification before receiving your free ticket.

Thank you all for participating in this Round.

For those who did not win (and for those who want tickets), you can purchase your pre-sale tickets now until this Friday at only RM15 each.  50% have already been sold/booked.  Tickets will be sold at RM20 during the event.  So, grab them now at a cheaper price to avoid disappointment!

[ Contact:  Charlton 016-811 9149 / Randy 016-811 7431 ]

FSKK Tecktronik Contest – Round 2



Another FIVE (5) free tickets to be given away!
To participate, just follow the instructions below:

1) If you have not added Charlton Gomes as friend on Facebook, click HERE to add him now.add_pm
Click “Add a personal message…” >> Type in “FSKK Tecktronik”

2) Once Charlton Gomes has confirmed you as a friend, ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS and SEND THE ANSWERS to his MESSAGE INBOX (NOT wall post).


  1. What are the 3 major dance styles that FSKK is presenting in this event?
  2. What does FSKK stand for?
  3. What are the titles of the TWO (2) YouTube videos posted by Charlton Gomes on the event page?
  4. If you don't know how to shuffle, jumpstyle or dance tecktonik, can you still join this event?

    pssst...hints are on the event page. good luck! ;)

Submit your answers before Tuesday, 24th Nov 2009, 11.59pm.

The first 5 people who did ALL THE STEPS above got ALL ANSWERS correct will each win a free ticket!
**Round ONE (1) winners are NOT ALLOWED to take part in this round.
**Participants are only allowed to submit their answers ONCE!

Winners will be announced on Wednesday, 25th Nov 2009 on our event page and this blog.

FSKK Tecktronik Contest – Round 1



Congratulations to the winners of this round!

1. Audrey Susan Tunggolou
2. Jonathan James Edward
3. Stanlly Fredolin
4. Rousell Andre Tottu
5. Shah Rizal Roslim

Kindly send a message to my inbox (on Facebook) with your full name (same as in I/C).  We will ask you to present your I/C on the event day for verification before receiving your free ticket.

For those who did not get the chance to win FREE TICKETS, Round 2 is coming up real soon! So, watch out! :)

3 in 1 Electronic Dance Event

FREE TICKETS to be given away!
Contest Round 1 has already ended! Watch out for Round 2! :)

**EDIT: Round 2 is up!!! Participate NOW and stand a chance to win a free ticket to the TECKTRONIK event!

**EDIT (27th Nov 2009): Event POSTPONED. click here

**EDIT (19th Dec 2009): Event Confirmed!! click here

Click HERE to view this event on Facebook.
FSKK Presents Tecktronik
Click HERE to view this event on Facebook.

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